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top painting service in wichitaIt’s been said countless times: paint is the easiest way to change to look of a room. Handyman Services of Wichita can help you update a room with all-over color, touch up stained or scratched walls, or freshen up the trim in any room of your home.

Painting is a job that most people think they can do themselves. They think that they can save a few bucks by painting themselves. However, we can give you a few good reasons to hire a professional handyman to do your interior and exterior painting for you:

  • We’re trained to do a professional job with no drips or runs
  • We’re experienced in dealing with a host of painting challenges
  • We have the right equipment to power wash, caulk, or do any other paint-related task
  • We can work faster and more efficiently because we do this type of work every day

Our painting services go beyond the interior painting Wichita homeowners expect. We also do exterior painting Wichita residents can depend on as well. Our team has painted everything: brick, stucco, vinyl, and wood exteriors, just to name a few. We also have endless experience with interior painting Wichita residents are proud to show off.

All around the house, Handyman Services of Wichita is your all-in-one painting service!

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We can explain the process that we’re using, and describe the purpose of all the tools that are necessary for the job. We can also give you good advice about how to care for your paint once we’re finished, too, so your paint job will last as long as possible.

When it comes to all the interior and exterior painting Wichita needs, “We’re Kansas Handy!” and we’re ready and willing to prove it. We can even do touchups that may be needed after a few years, but we do a superior job the first time so that our teams never leave behind a necessary paint touchup Wichita home or business owners will have to deal with on their own.

Our painters are trained and experienced, and they constantly inspect their work as they progress from one stage to the next so that from floor to ceiling, from primer to paint, you get a spectacular result that will look impressive for years to come.

One thing that truly sets our handyman service company apart is their dedication to protecting your home and belongings. We’ll cover and tape any furniture that remains in the room while we work, and we’ll take extra care to protect the carpet or hard floors. You’re better off choosing Handyman Services of Wichita for painting jobs than any other handyman or professional painters in the greater Wichita area!

We can even help you in the confusing paint selection process. If you want advice about brand, color, or finish, we can help! Our teams frequently work together with home and business owners to help them choose a color scheme and select paints that will be durable and functional for a long time to come.

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