Complete Handyman Services in Wichita

Handyman Services available in Wichita.Kansas Handy offers the most complete range of services that you’ll find from any company in the area. We are happy to provide our customers with the best Handyman service Wichita homes and businesses can get. From painting to exterior home maintenance to plumbing services, we can do any job or a combination of several projects that you’ve been putting off because you didn’t know where to start or you’re just too busy to get them all done.

Let Kansas Handy take on your home to-do list while you relax knowing that all those little repairs and updates will get done quickly and professionally. We can handle any of the following types of handyman chores:


Our carpentry service is performed by master carpenters who have years of experience. They can repair or replace pieces in your home to fix broken items or to update your rooms. If you are doing the type of total room makeover Wichita residents request from time to time, our carpenters can also design and create for you a completely new project, such as mantels, bookshelves, built-in tables, cabinets, and wooden countertops!

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There are some jobs that homeowners can tackle themselves, but others are best left to the professionals. Electrical issues can often be dangerous, so Kansas Handy wants to help you with all the electrical repair Wichita homes require. No job is too big or too small when it comes to wiring installation and electrical repair.


Wichita plumbing repair is one of our most requested services. We employ certified plumbers, so we can handle anything from leaky faucets to broken pipes. We’ll be there in an emergency, or we can add your minor repair to a list of items you’d like us to take care of on our next visit. Our plumbers can repair or replace your pipes, fixtures, or an entire tub or sink.

Room Makeover

If you’re tired of looking at the same old paint colors and cabinets, let Kansas Handy help you reinvent that space. We can complete a room makeover Wichita homeowners will fall in love with instantly!

Exterior Maintenance

Maintaining the outer appearance and safety of your home is practically a full-time job! Let Kansas Handy help you make improvements and repairs that will not only make your home look amazing but that will also increase the safety for you and your family. We love knowing that we’ve made it a little easier for our Wichita friends and neighbors to enjoy the exterior of their homes with improvements and repairs that can usually be completed within a few hours!


One of the services we gladly provide – and one that customers are usually most grateful for – is painting Wichita homes and businesses! For some reason, most people despise painting, but for us, the attention to detail and precision needed to expertly lay on a fresh coat of paint is all in a day’s work!

When you need several different handyman services, a specialized contractor can’t meet all your electrical, carpentry, and painting needs the way Kansas Handy can, so call us today!
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